Aspect-orientation is a programmatic paradigm that concerns itself with the presence of crosscutting concerns—concerns that impact multiple modules in a given decomposition—which are claimed to impede the key modularity properties of comprehensibility, modifiability, and parallelizability of development.

Aspect-orientation promotes the separation and encapsulation of crosscutting concerns, as a way to improve these modularity properties, through an orthogonal modularity mechanism. This project had two facets: (1) assessment of the claims of AOSD, and (2) looking for ways to support the developer to overcome various problems that arose from it.

While we found that AOSD did not lead to significant, additional problems, overall we found that the claims of AOSD about the problems are not supported by the evidence. Thus, the need for any solution (let alone the specific mechanisms provided by AOSD) is not clear.


Assessing AOSD

Optimization aspects

Declarative event patterns (via the URD tool)

Implicit context

Composition patterns