Kelowna, BC, based high tech company Find it EZ Software Corp. has announced that it is partnering with the Laboratory for Software Modification Research (LSMR) at the University of Calgary. The collaboration will expand the capabilities of Find it EZ’s award winning suite of software change management tools.

Researchers from LSMR have been awarded an Engage Grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) to work with Find it EZ. PhD students from the University of Calgary will conduct research into advanced ways to expand and improve the existing capabilities of Find it EZ’s current suite of software change management tools.

This agreement is the culmination of a seven month process that began at a seminar hosted by Accelerate Okanagan in July, 2014. The event was organized to introduce local IT companies to the brand new National Research Council’s Concierge Service. The Government of Canada established the Concierge Service to assist Canadian companies in identifying which programs available to foster innovation and growth may be best suited to meet their individual needs. Following selection of the NSERC Engage program for Find it EZ, it took several months before an ideal match was found at the University of Calgary in Alberta.

The coordinators from the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) played an instrumental role in bringing Find it EZ and LSMR together,” said Ken Gnazdowsky, CEO of Find it EZ Software. “This collaboration is another outstanding example of how a local high tech accelerator can bring together government, Universities, and industry to cement Canada’s position as a world leader in technology research and innovation.

LSMR is all about researching and building tools for practical problems in software change. With the involvement of Find it EZ, ‘practical’ becomes achievable: we know what real problems people have in industry, and what constraints they have to work under,” said Dr. Robert Walker, Director of LSMR. “Theoretical solutions that don’t meet those needs can immediately be ignored. My graduate students and I quickly learn to focus our efforts.

The addition of new functionality to Find it EZ’s suite of products will allow it to enter new markets and create new employment opportunities for Canadian high tech workers. It will also help to establish Canada, Find it EZ Software Corp., and the Laboratory for Software Modification Research as world leaders in the field of software change management.