We have seen community interest in our work and expertise in several dimensions over the years.  Please look below for the situation most relevant to you.

Are you looking to further your education?

Education can mean different things to different people. 

If you want to take a course or two, we suggest looking at the programs offered by Continuing Education.

If you are interested in a degree program at the University, you can consider undergaduate (i.e., bachelor's) programs in computer science or engineering.

If you are interested in graduate (i.e., master's or doctoral) programs, various options are available in the University and in the Department of Computer Science.

If you are interested specifically in pursuing a project or degree in conjunction with LSMR, please read this article.

Are you looking for a job?

We do not currently directly hire people. 

You should look on the Careers pages of the University of Calgary, or those of the Department of Computer Science

If you are a student interested in some form of temporary employment (for example, a summer position), please read this article.

[More to come]